1 Week Left to Vote

There is one week left to vote in the Fair Trade Photo Contest, June 27-July 16!

This contest is sponsored by the westerlycreekpta.com  and is for the 2013 Fair Trade calendar, which according to , is the only Fair Trade calendar in N. America. There are 85 photo entries for this years contest and they are all beautiful. You can visit the to see all the entries, their credits, descriptions and full size versions. Continue reading

Show Me Your Label: A Guide To Fair Trade Labels

The list has been updated with two new labels;

The Whole Trade Guarantee and Equitable-Trade. Learn more and see the rest of the labels by checking out this post! .

People Unseen

“I pity a man who wants a coat so cheap that the man or woman who produces the cloth will starve in the process.”

Benjamin Harrison,23rd President of The United States

I was trying to find some funny quotes on pity the other day to make a comment on a friends Facebook page when I came across this quote from Benjamin Harrison. It immediately made me think of the principles of Fair Trade and the journey I have been on over the past 2 years. It got me thinking about the different ways we treat people and how that treatment may differ based on two categories: people we see and people we don’t.

I’m sure most of us have seen people in desperation, people begging for assistance. In my community they can be seen on a bench outside the local Safeway playing some type of musical instrument with an open container at their feet that has a few coins or bills in it. Continue reading

Fair Trade Resource Network » Photo Contest – Details

2013 Fair Trade Calendar: Enter the Fair Trade Photo Contest June 1-26

From Fair Trade Resource Network

Submit photos – June 1-26Vote for photos – June 27 to July 16Guidelines – Contest rules and photo specificationsOrder 2013 Fair Trade Calendar – Early-bird discountsContact Us – contest administratorWinning photos from last year – some photos voted as winners last yearSubmit Photos June 1-26, 2012Read below for contest “Guidelines/Eligibility” to make sure your photos qualify for this contest.Email each photo, with a caption up to 50 words , to photocontest@ftrn.org. FTRN will not post your name, email address, nor a photo title. Each photo must have a resolution of 300 dpi at 5 x 7 inches. For best quality in printed calendar, the photo should have resolution of 300 dpi at 9.5 x 14.5 inches.  Photo must be in one of these formats: jpg, tiff, pdf. Your accompanying caption should include location photo was taken, name of individuals pictured as much as possible, and relation of photo subject to Fair Trade.Pay submission fee of $10/photo at FTRN’s Online Store. Pay using Paypal or a Credit Card. Photo submissions are $10 per photo; you may submit as many photos as you want. 1 photo costs $10, 5 photos costs $50, etc.. Within 2 business days of receiving your payment, your photos will appear on the Photo Contest page.

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Not Everyone Knows…

I know. Many of my friends and family know. But the fact remains that there are still many people that we come in contact with don’t what Fair Trade is. This is a problem! It comes down to this; If we know of something good, we need to let others know about it. We need to share with others the good things we have experienced. We do this already with restaurants, movies & vacations spots. Lets just keep in mind that Fair Trade is something good that we can share with friends, family and complete strangers.

I had a Fair Trade education moment today as I was picking up a few groceries from Safeway after my evening run. I was going through the isles gathering a few things, (I only had a hand basket) when something on the shelf caught my eye, . Dr Bronner;s is the soap that I use now and it is Fair Trade certified by . To my knowledge, my local Safeway has just begun carrying this item. I usually buy this product from one of our other local grocery stores that carries a wide variety of Fair Trade goods. So needless to say I was surprised and excited to see Dr. Bronner’s on the shelf in Safeway. I threw a bar in my basket, as I was out of it at home, and headed to the checkout. See the Soap and read what happened next!

“Best in Fair Trade” Awards Open for Nominations of Business & Nonprofits

Fair Trade Resource Network has launched “Best in Fair Trade” Awards for N. America nonprofits & businesses. The public can nominate (by March 31), and vote, for U.S. & Canada organizations doing exemplary work in Fair Trade in 5 categories:

  • Most positive change in a producer community;
  • Outstanding long-term commitment to producers;
  • Best support of the Fair Trade movement;
  • Most effective public education program;
  • Most effective advocacy for trade policy reform.

FTRN created the contest since no awards existed to honor organizations across all major Fair Trade recognitions. Winners will be celebrated during World Fair Trade Day in May!

, or , nonprofits and businesses before March 31. The public will then for any finalists during April.


“Not For Sale” Partners w/ Eileen Fisher to end Slavery


At the heart of Fair Trade is the desire for people to be treated fairly. Producers and farmers should be paid a fair price for their products. No one should be forced to grow or pick anything I eat or … Continue reading